Control of measuring and monitoring equipment:
The rules for the management of monitoring and measuring equipment (inspection, measuring and testing equipment) used in the company for activities to demonstrate the conformity of products to specified requirements are set out in Technical and Organizational Procedure No.01-M-2001-chapter No.11 and related guidelines. The purpose of the procedures is to define the measurement and monitoring activities necessary to ensure conformity and achieve improvement.

Monitoring and measuring equipment:
Within the manufacturing process, properly calibrated and properly maintained inspection, measuring and testing equipment is used for operations that demonstrate the conformity of products to specified requirements. KMZZ management is determined by technical and organisational procedures.

Input, intermediate and output control:
Input control is carried out before the material is stored or before it enters production. The inspection procedure is specified in the Technical and Organisational Procedure. The performance of the intermediate and output inspection is laid down in an internal regulation in the technical and organisational procedure.